Being 25

Nicholas Alan

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  • Nicholas Alan Baroni

Lyrics English

I've been a boy since 17
Separated by a set of strings
On this guitar, on this guitar
And then what happened early morn
21 passed to a notebook on the floor
It says Elizabeth I'm sorry
Things didn't turn out how we
Thought they would before

A pocket of flowers dissolved, devoured
"A World Like Ours" a barricade
A satchel of resolutions traded for refrains

Elizabeth, you've been a girl since this began
To let you grow would be a sin to better days
Now just who am I trying to hide
You and me from the bitterness
That's left with us now being 25

You threw a towel on the floor
Spotted black from all the masks you've worn before
You wonder if life is only
That from body to eulogy
Goes history so let it be
Looking in the mirror I can see her
Thinking of the day
You just wanted to go home but
Dad had gone away
So now you sleep around
In hopes that he is found

Making mistakes in the superbable way
We carry on

You wouldn't tell me if what they said was true
But that's cause I know you
Your honesty with friends never was that good
It's a shame you're so tired so soon
It's a shame I sit in my room
Writing just to deal with you

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