At Last Goodnight

Nicholas Alan

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  • Nicholas Alan Baroni

Lyrics English

The day is through, tomorrow you'll tell me what to do
Take my hand I'll follow you
The night is cold, with you I don't feel quite as old as I
Feel when I'm alone
I'm so tired, ambitions all expired I just say
Cut the lights and fade to blue
Its time for bed with sweetheart memories stuck in my head
But what do I know

Carefree, in my eyes, baby
Tell me its all right, will you
Kiss me, just tonight, in tone
Sweetly, at last goodnight

A nice suprise, the dawns a newborn baby crying
Paint the room with your perfume
When I'm with you a smile will cross my face
And nights won't end sad like they do
A wasted day, the hours will pass and time will fade away
Lets delay tomorrow
Beneath this sea, a place thats made for only you and me
But what do I know

You and I know
This is where oohh
We belong

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