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  • Harris Thurmond

Lyrics English

Don't say nothing, It's giving him a thrill
He's got gin and tonics, and his little blue pill
Don't say nothing it's giving him a thrill
Woo-oh, woo-oh
It's all or nothing take in any bar
She's hanging out the window and she wakes up in her car
It's all or nothing, she says, "I've got this fire"
Woo-oh, woo-oh
And now she's already gone
Don't know nothing, I think it's all an act
He's got the devil in his eyes, got the monkey on his back
Don't know nothing I know it's all an act
Now he's already gone
She's got Jersey-wide aspirations
They're having cocaine conversation
He's taking mood-swing medication
Woo-oh, woo-oh
She's got a second hand wedding gown
She knows that she's the talk of the town
But aint nothing going to hold her down

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