Lies of Liars

Nicholas Alan

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  • Nicholas Alan Baroni

Lyrics English

Here death comes in a hurry
Pretty fast for a guy in a surrey
With a black horse
2 eyes frozen in headlights
Do or die in a pine box
Stenciled with black paint
And though you are made of steel
It's these accidents that heal us
When we're falling down

Shut the door with a thunder
See a man lying under
With a black shirt
Here Death uses his reaper
While I shake like a sleeper
In a nightmare
And when climbing to his fate
Yes the man who now he can said
Don't you worry bout me anymore

It only takes this much to realize
That we all live in the mind
Of a being known by God
And don't believe those lies of liars
That keep you down and tired
Growing old
You say goodbye, and then you go

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