Tending Bar

Billy Brush

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  • William Robert Brush

Lyrics English

I was a man who categorically smiled
at the woman behind the counter, the brunette tending bar
Devising secret strategies, truths that would unfold
With the heroine in my arms, clutching to my bones

I was a man whose plans would unfold
at the speed of the earth spinning around the cosmic mold
Stumbling on introductions, botching how-do-you-dos
As the heroine drifted along, slipping from my bones

I was a man who discovered his own worth
From the words on a bottle cap, a moment meant from birth
"You will be a big hit socially next month"
So I gathered up my plans and clutched them to my bones

A circle through a square is fine when the edges line up
Think of the sun setting through your bedroom window
It's not just for the obvious to kiss and make up
So come over here, and I'll hold you, then I'll whisper to you
That you should kiss me, and you'll find yourself clutching to my bones

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