My Couch

Billy Brush

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  • William Robert Brush

Lyrics English

When you caught me on the tv; I envisioned you perched next to me
Here on my couch
Talking to me oh so slowly; no more questions aimed so low
Inching closer to me on my couch

'Cause it's my own invention to be a mild sensation
I want to be there sitting next to you

When I come home lately lonely I just want some company
Here on my couch
In my haze, though, she's lovely. Glowing skin, leaning deep into me
Lips too tangled for words on my couch.

'Cause it's my own intention to be your sensation
I want to be there sitting next to you
And it's my own inflation, an ego bent on starvation
Thinking happiness is there next to you

Here you are next to me on my couch
I'm frozen and quiet as a church mouse
'Cause I'm so goddam scared to talk to you
More impatient by the moment
To be set free from this torment
And I just sit and stare

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