Young Sinners

Dave Pingel

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  • Dave Pingel

Lyrics English

Yea we skipped town in the summer of 92
Five days before they missed us at school
I had nothing much to keep me
Sarah never talked of home
But I knew that she was leaving
I couldn't let her go alone
I remember her dark hair on her white sweater
And I have to say she filled it out just rite
on the road of fate we shared our souls
and held each other tight
we drove to find our way that night

We were young sinners
stepping out of line
and we learned rite from wrong
by testing out the water
and breaking one rule at a time

we found an old abandon beach house up in Maine we watched that summer die in that cold September rain
we were jaded by our heros out walking in the sun
no some of us ain't born to run
I woke up alone in that northeast hideaway
just a note that said I'm fkying out but where she didn't say
and thanks for always being there when I couldn't find a friend
and I'll alway remember when

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