Honkey Prayer

Big Blue Marble

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  • David M Fera

Lyrics English

Honkey Prayer

Woke up this morning and my eyes were heavy like gravestones
Cloudy and vacant, hanging from the ceiling like light bulbs
Sipping on cocktails, drowning a kitten in the washtub
Corrupting the children with the gallon of whiskey
That you bought

Sky was heavy and I was ready for main line
14 hours up and down on the grapevine
Cumulous clouds are hanging around in the shadows
There's a hex in the house and a barn in the field
By the meadow
Sooner or later someone's got to get paid off
California dreaming and I just got laid off
Cellular phones and mobile homes in the valley
It's a long way to the next state line here in cali

I'm getting rattled
I'm getting rattled

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