Cat Out The Bag

Big Blue Marble

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  • David M Fera

Lyrics English

wake up for the day
come out of your cave
where the bats like to hang
and nothing else could possibly survive

now the houseplants have died
and the leaves are all dry
they just lay in a pile
like the love that you want to hide


I let the cat out the bag
it got hit by a car
I try to cover my tracks
I let down my guard
I just can't seem to let you go

lay down on your back
and I'll set of your trap
baby you've got no tact
did I cover all the things that you lack

wipe the smile off your face
I know your holding an ace
there's no love in this place
please show me to the fire escape



winter is coming and my air conditioning's running
will the angels protect you
pray to god I forget you

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