Blue Are The Trees

Big Blue Marble

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  • David M Fera

Lyrics English

she gave me warm affection
it spread like some kind of infection
it turned all my dreams into nightmares you see
through me into depression

have you seen my black eyed lady
the one that drove me crazy
her legs were like white stockings at night
soft as a new born baby

she was on medication
she worked at the radio station
what the doctor prescribed couldn't help her survive
the torment of my determination

well I miss the good life of the country
where the roads are hilly and bumpy
where the women tell the truth and they'll give you the boot
and the gravy is good and lumpy

I bought my good girl a steak
and she ate up everything on her plate
she never said just what I did
somewhere I made a mistake

though the truth in your eyes may dangle
she'll tell you she's an angel
sky is green, blue are the trees
curly hair don't tangle

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