Big Blue Marble

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  • David M Fera

Lyrics English

I'm worried about your health girl,
I know you're worried about me,
but, I don't think it's to healthy,
doing what you're doing to me.
If I was on a sick bed,
hooked up to life support machines,
fading in and out of consciousness
would you come and visit me,


my gutters were all blown off,
my roof is caving in,
and it's raining in my bedroom,
every time the clouds are rolling in,

I wish I was a steamboat captain,
I'd roll right out of town,
take my chances on the river,
knowing that you weren't around
I'd ride on up to Natchez,
find a woman in a summer gown,
treat her like a princess,
blow my whistle and make my rounds.



God only knows, the trouble I'm in,
I traded my hopes, turned my riches in,
this old pile of junk, is full of your stuff,
I've been looking for a dump,
that's worthy enough.

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