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  • David M Fera

Lyrics English

you know we almost had it made,
got my nerve up, then it started to rain,
all I got is this old bicycle,
I'm afraid, I can't come to see you today,

You said I was delusional,
half crazed and unusual,
cross my name off your list again,
I'm sorry, you didn't get the message I left in the stall,
you didn't see my face in your crystal ball.

calling out, to all the muses on the dance floor
calling out, to all the muses on the dance floor
give me a song to sing crack the shell break the seal
It's all you can do it's never enough for me

Do you remember when you never came home,
it was cold as an ice-cream cone,
your legs were red and purple in your mini-dress
I'm sorry, that I crashed on your little world,
it's nothing that a little crystal meth couldn't cure


story of orpheus and the muses

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