Open Invitation


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  • Daria L. Klotz, Kenneth M. Savelson, Pierre Victor Degaillande, Quentin Jennings

Lyrics English

My table is crowded with all of these ghosts
But you're the one I want to talk to the most
Do you remember singing Carmen in the metro?
I guess your look now would be fashionably retro
There is a fascination leading to imitation
But that doesn't mean that it's an open invitation
But I don't mind if you don't mind
My signals are crossing from playing the host
So raise your glasses in a supernatural toast
Do you remember seeing livestock on the tabletop
While all the gasoline was siphoned in the parking lot?
And when the tension breaks smashing the dinner plates
That's when the big hand strikes the face on the clock
But I'm alright if you're alright
These women are laughing at all of my jokes
But that doesn't mean that I'll be giving up the ghost
Cause I'm alright if you're alright

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