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  • Brooke Brown-Saracino

Lyrics English

Thank you for showing me my regret

You don't have to say a word

As if I couldn't have done it on my own

Without your help

And I can't believe that you were once perfect and beautiful

And now you claim that our love

Was just love


I wrote you love letters

And I found them unread

And what a perfect metaphor

For the love that's just love

For the love that's just love

For the hundred flowers she picked and put into a vase

For you

So I hope you feel a little shame

For what you just said

Still I wake in my bed

Puffy eyed and apologetic

A tender kiss like this

I miss the comfort of an arm wrapped tight

Around the bone of my hip


And you're slipping sand in my hand

I demand that you think twice before you speak

'cause you weren't there then

So don't try to pretend like you miss me

And in the meantime

I thank you for showing me my regret.


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