Stranger's Story

Brooke Brown Saracino

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  • Brooke Brown-Saracino

Lyrics English

Momma, I remember your face

I, I remember your face

And it sings

And the sound it brings me home again

But there was only silence

So I hummed along

This is my song

And it cries like yours cries

And it lives like yours lives

It dies


But what good is a song

When you're free all along

And your freedom was a song

What good is a song

But this is your story anyways

What could this stranger possibly say

To make yours mine

To make your hands, your face, your mouth

Like mine

Like mine

Like mine

But what good is sorrow

If sorrow's only borrowed

From a man who's not like me

What good is sorrow

Momma, I remember your face

I, I remember


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