Why I Called

JD Dohnal

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  • JD Dohnal

Lyrics English

I watched you walk away, through pouring rain
The night we said goodbye
If I'd thought it through, I'd gone to you
And I'd have held you tight
And apologized, for tears you cried
For all the pain I caused
And not a day goes by, I don't wish I tried
But believe me baby, that's not why I called

Beneath my old ball cap's, a photograph
Of you on Christmas day
And vivid memories, that come to me
Seem just like yesterday
So I close my eyes, smile inside
And dream you're down the hall
There's not a moments rest, from the helplessness
But believe me baby, that's not why I called

I just called to say hello
Didn't call to let you know
That I love you like we've never been apart
I just called to wish you well
Not to tell you how I fell
Head over heals from the start

As far as I can see, you're a part of me
And I remember well
Our days of innocence, and in a sense
It seems like time stood still
So while I'm on the line, can you try
To forgive me after all
Cause the truth is baby...that's Why I Called

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