The Son I Never Had

JD Dohnal

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  • JD Dohnal

Lyrics English

I saw a young boy playing As I passed a schoolyard fence
I did a double take as I saw a face
I never knew I'd see again
Before his mother left me
I played the role of dad
Though he wasn't really mine
He was the son I never had

I wanted to approach him
But I swore I'd leave him be
His mom doesn't want him attached
To a man she won't see
At times I'm still bitter
But mainly I'm just sad
It's been two years and I still miss
The son I never had

I wonder would he recognize me
What are the stories he heard
Does he know it wasn't me who left
Would he believe my word
I wonder does he speak of me
Is he confused inside
Does he know his mom never even
Let me say goodbye

Never had one moment
Unleashed so many thoughts
Remembering the first book he read
And the last ball he caught
It's a shame how good memories
Can tear me up so bad
My heart won't let my mind forget
The son I never had

The last time I tucked him in
He said "I love you, Dad"
He'll always be the son I never had
It hurts to lose the son...I should've had

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