Read Between The Lies

JD Dohnal

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  • JD Dohnal

Lyrics English

"Honey, I won't be home for supper
I apologize again
The boss has called a meeting
It's a must that I attend"

As he hung up the phone, he let out a sigh
Assuming she can't read between the lies
"Babe, you won't believe it
But the car has broken down
Don't wait up for me
I'll get towed back to town"

He slammed down the phone, fear building inside
Hoping she can't read between the lies

Lifelong plans and wedding bands
Get put away for life
Still it's hard to face the bitter truth
Loss of trust and sinful lust
She has to do what's right
The time to make a stand is overdue
"Don't come home for supper
I won't wait up again
No longer will I play the fool
Now this charade will end"

She put down the phone, couldn't help but cry
It hurts so bad to read between the lies
---read between the lies
---read between the lies

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