Closer Than She Appears

JD Dohnal

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  • JD Dohnal

Lyrics English

As I slowly drove away her face got smaller
I could only see her wipe away the tears
I adjusted the side view mirror as I watched her
It read objects are closer than they appear

I had to hit the road for my new start
Not chasing dreams had been my biggest fear
Although we'd end up countless miles apart
I read objects are closer than they appear

It seems so ironic, I thought the mirror lied to me
But with its wise words, the truth was plain to see

I wasn't really leaving her behind
My heavy heart would always hold her near
She was out of sight, but forever on my mind
She'd always be closer than she appears

After driving through the night and crossing over 3 state lines
The mirror no longer gave me peace of mind
I started to question the decision I made to leave
Then the answer seemed to stare back at me

I saw her reflection at each turn
Checking my blind spot made me see so clear
Reminded by the words on the side mirror
Objects are closer than they appear...

Now that I'm turned around and switching gears
Soon she'll be closer than she appears

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