The Apocalyptic Love Song

Cary Judd

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  • Cary D Judd

Lyrics English

The Apocalyptic Love Song

Time has never changed
And nothing ever came
From the prophecies of hippies
And the world's at war again
And the bombs are more precise
So it's your freedom or your life
And that's a choice that you won't make
Cause it's a choice that you don't get
Your body is just property for which taxes must be paid
Or repossessed by devils, with bank accounts of sand
The men have turned to many
And many there will be
The arsonists of earth, demolitionists of peace
And when we're floating through the ash
There will be just you and me

The opiates we choose
Are all the same beneath the surface
In the storybooks we write
We try to fill the blanks with purpose
So the truth is less precise
And there is freedom when you die
Well that's a fate that you will face
Looking for luck that you can't make
This life is just a timeline and the end can't be escaped
Or extended with a letter, or by begging on your knees
So it's better to be graceful
To keep those you love at ease
Until the memory of birth
Hopefully returns
And we all fly through a starry sea
There will be just you and me

The history books we read
Are just the scripts for tomorrow
Cause we plagarize the past
Claiming it's different but that's not so
So we write down again
Names and places only change
We know God is on our side
They know God is on their side
Faith is just a guessing game of which I am growing tired
Muhammad where'd you go?
Jesus when you gonna show?
I need something to sort this out
Someone to tell me where to go
So when the architects of earth
They finally return
We'll all fly through the endless sea
There will be just them, you, and me

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