Little Baby Brother

The Hipwaders

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  • Fausto G. Uquillas

Lyrics English

Little baby brother crawlin' on the rug

You're lookin' so cute I wanna give you a hug

Please don't break my toys and I'll love you forever

Little baby brother it's been Mommy, Daddy, me

I'd like to fit you in but I feel some jealousy

Please don't take up all their time and I'll love you forever

I know it's hard to share

Believe me brother 'cause I've been there

It's so easy - you're so lucky

To have a big brother like me ( like me!)

Little baby brother let's make a deal

I'll always have your back if you promise not to squeal

Please don't tell on me and I'll love you forever


You gotta big brother like nobody other...

If you got a big sister go ahead and kiss her (don't do it!)

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