Brian Mackey

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  • Brian Mackey

Lyrics English

Where's my life, where's my beautiful home
Where's the life, where's the life I've known
I'm a big man now, with big problems
Had to sell my house and take all my things
Down to Florida
Off to Florida

It's Where all the nuts roll

Yea they tape the cops shows in Florida

My old man calls me up somewhere in Florida
He said, son, things ain't so sunny down here
Ah they took my car and all my things
I even sold your mom's old ring
Here in Florida
Here in Florida

It's Where all the nuts roll
Yea they got the crack hoes in Florida
The only snow goes up your nose in Florida

It ain't so sunny here in Florida
Florida (you suck)
Can't make no money here in Florida
Florida (just sucks)

And I'm so damn broke
Smokin' generic smokes in Florida
Yeah, can't afford coke in Florida

Yeah, all the episodes of cops are taped down in Florida
And Ted Bundy set up shop down in Florida
They got the terrorist flight schools in Florida

All your child kidnapping fools, they live in Florida

Florida (you suck)

Florida (just sucks)
Florida (you suck)

Florida (just sucks)

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