Adam 8*1*2

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  • Brooke Elizabeth Skaggs, Castille Landon Rath, Virginia Noel Luke


We've established this connection
I've never felt like this before
Now we're building up the tension
And it has me wanting more
Don't ya try to stop it
Don't put up a fight
Feels good all over so you know that makes it right
We've only just begun and we're gonna keep on going
Come over here tonight, we'll be dancing till the morning
You just take me higher
Soaring wild and free
We be burning up a fire
I got ya so in love with me
All I want is you now
So don't ever let me go
This s just happening somehow
The body tingles start to grow
We should just take a chance and give this thing a try
You've got me feeling so intoxicated
I wanna stay in the moment, the temperature's warming
You know it's on if you can keep me this high

Yo I'm on a shooting star, I know you wanna try
I'm so far, didn't know I could fly
I control gravity in the galaxy
Take a trip to the sun if you ride with me
With the man on the moon, too high to see
As you watch from the ground and you try to reach me
Hang with martians in another world
I guess you could call me your sky high girl
Transcending earth and air, time, light, space
Earth and air, time, light, space
You got me lifted
Higher and higher

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