My Eyes Said So

Adam 8*1*2

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  • Brooke Elizabeth Skaggs, Castille Landon Rath, Virginia Noel Luke

Lyrics English

I am without warmth
I'm contemplating honesty
Still hurts deep down, my heart still pounds
When I think of what will never be again
Is this the loving hand you promised to lend me?
Slowly picking up the shattered glass
Trying to piece it back together in a way that won't suffice
Did you consider what would happen to me?
What I'd have to sacrifice
Everything's disappearing, everything
Everything's disappearing, everything
Everything's disappearing on me, Houdini, who done it?
Everything's disappearing
Everything's disappearing
Everything's disappearing on me, Houdini, who done it?
Tell me who done it
Please tell me who done it
Not like it doesn't hurt
It's not like I'm pretending
Yes I've cried, but that's not the message I'm sending
I thought you could see what was to be
Before this was to take place
Can you read my face? (my face)
Can you see my eyes? (my eyes)
The tears in my heart when I know your excuses are lies
Broken hearts come from different kinds of love
Still a push and a scream, a kick and a shove

Nothing can stay the same, I know
It's hard to maintain the same when you won't
And I didn't ask for this, no no
And if you're gonna disappear, then baby just go
Baby just go
Baby just go

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