Adam 8*1*2

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  • Brooke Elizabeth Skaggs, Castille Landon Rath

Lyrics English

Hey-ey, Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh lights, camera, action
In the party, tryin to have fun
He rolls up with his new girlfriend
I'm not jealous, but he's got me thinkin
Cause she's nothin I thought she should be for him
I'm a ten, she's a three
She could take notes from a girl like me
Oh but first I'm gonna make him see
When I'm on the dance floor, somebody's with me
Lights, camera, action
Be my man, hold my hand, make him think we have plans
Lights, camera, action
There's his crew, he's coming through, you know what to do just
Make your move
Make your move
Make him notice you
Make your move
Make him prove
His love for me
Make your move
Hope the girl's not mad cause I see I caught his eye
(Caught ya lookin)
What neither of them know is that me and you are only for the night, yeah
And thanks to you everybody can see that he still has chemistry with me
But I like playin with his mind, that's why I've got you with me tonight

My first thought was to leave the spot
But no, if he can get down I can get down too
I'm gonna make him wish he never left me for her
If he can get down, I can get down with you let's go
Just make your move
Just make your move
Tonight is all about me and you
Make your move
Make your move
Show me what you gonna do, baby

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