Deuce Deuce

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  • Josh Whitaker

Lyrics English

Ay it's this one chick right,
She's no joke for real, she's like.
Man, she's got this feeling.
She's got me feeling.
I don't know it's kinda hard to explain but,
Yo, she's like...

Aquafina, I love her.
I can't lie, she makes me wanna
And yea that's my Aquafina.
Haha, She's like water, I need her
(repeat once)

[Jay Dizzy- Verse 1]
It's Aquafina til' the world ends
And she's wife like, she's better than my girlfriend.
And she's the right type, her fantasy's life-like
They want to be her but couldn't see her with perfect eye sight
And she's mine so don't go there mister,
She's on my front page like a profile picture
With her I'm nice, with out her I'm nothing,
I don't even go out unless she's coming.
Bumpin', Grindin', I be cutting
She talks that water, straight dripping sweet nothings
She's here and yes she's stunning
Put her in a cup I just want to drink her up

[Chorus-Repeat Once)

[ReWind-Verse 2]
I say damn she's got me dazed
See I'm thirsty for her love, need 8 glasses a day
So let me just down 'em all
She's hot like a jungle, where's the waterfall?
And it seems we can travel downstream
And still won't get bitter
I love her body, creeks and rivers
And she's so priceless her features are not expensive
And damn I love to just pay attention.
'Cause overnight she delivers gold
So let me handle your ship, or rock your boat
Work the middle, not Gatorade.
I'm glad you're my baby, I'm Bobby Bushay.

Aquafina I love her.
Aquafina I love ya!
You're like water I need ya!

[Chorus-only once, not repeated]

[Jay DiZzy- Verse 3]
Need her, Need her, Nobody can beat it
The girl's not cocky, but she looks so conceited.
Last time I left her, man my nights got heated
I tried to get with Sprite, but I just can't drink it.
Called Coca-Cola but (She was hella wack)
I took a round with Pepsi (Wasn't feeling that)
Sipped on Mountain Dew (Mellow Yellow wasn't better)
Took a chance on Snapple (She left me for Dr. Pepper)
It's crazy. She runs it and I let her.
Every time I try, man I just can't step up.
Damn it don't help that she's bad for the cheddar,
Aquafina, the one, no woman does it better than mine


She like water I need her
She like water I need her
And yea that's my Aquafina.
Yeeaaa. That's my Aquafina.
Aquafina, I love ya.
Aquafina, I love her.

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