Become As One

Adam 8*1*2

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  • Brooke Elizabeth Skaggs, Castille Landon Rath, Virginia Noel Luke

Lyrics English

You lookin at me with intensity behind your eyes
What are you thinking, do tell me or just leave a surprise
I like how you whisk me away and grab my waist line
Don't ask if it's okay cause baby it's perfectly fine
Show me how it's gonna work cause I don't wanna let you down
Is this a one time thing or are you making your rounds?
But you can tell now, I'm into you and your philosophy
Boy stay next to me
To teach me, teach me
I won't put up a fight
No resistance, baby, I wanna learn tonight
How to become as one
How to become as one
How to become as one when we dance
Can you feel the pulsation?
Tell me what does this mean?
I've gotta confession, it's taking over me
I'm having a revelation, an epiphany
I can feel you already being a part of me
DJ don't stop the music and get closer babe
This experience is so sweet
Baby can you feel the heat?
So are we getting together pretty boy, pretty boy?
I wanna stay together all day so we can enjoy
I'm so in a daze, people looking at me
Crazy, crazy, why they lookin at me, crazy?
If this is how it feels to be a part of you boy
Let's stay in the moment, let's keep it going and going
Brooklyn in the building and so is he
I saw him breaking and popping and said come to me
He saw it in my eyes and then he realized
He couldn't do me like the others, I'm one of a kind
Flip that, run it back, baby rewind
I feel like I found my soul mate for the night
It feels so magical, like something out of a fairy tale
It feels like I'm on cloud nine
And I don't wanna come down tonight

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