Mystery Girl

Adam 8*1*2

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  • Brooke Elizabeth Skaggs, Castille Landon Rath

Lyrics English

I see you staring boy, like you wanna know
What it would be like with me and where all that could go
Puppy love fantasy, I'm like a girl from a video
And if you wanna know my name, you can call me Jane Doe
(I like it when I)
I keep em guessin
I keep em waitin
Hangin on my every move
(Follow me, follow me)
I like it the best when
I keep em chasin
After everything I do
(Cause I'm)
Not your ordinary girl next door, I'm sexy
I - I - I - I'm your mystery girl
Got you dreamin, you're not sleepin, your schemin tryin to get next to me
I - I - I - I'm your mystery girl
You've never met a girl like me, so mysterious
I make boys fall so easy, all of em in a crush
Consider me your T.V., watch but you can't touch
This is the only channel you can handle
Any more would be too much

Look at me I'm so mysterious
I saw your jaw drop and you're curious
Look but don't touch, and I'm serious
You must be delirious
To think Ima give it to you like that
Fall back, swag is what you lack
You think you're the hottest and every girl wants you
But you're not ready for Brooklyn baby are you?
And you ain't never had a girl like me
I rap, I sing, got the crown, I'm the queen
And I don't need you for anything
And everything I'm tellin you now is routine
Cause I turn somebody down every day
Please don't take offense to what I say
You're just not my type and after this I'm finished
But now you know my booty is off limits

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