Got You On My Mind

Melani L. Skybell

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  • Melani L. Skybell

Lyrics English

Can't stop thinking about you.
It's all I seem to do.
Too many times through the day
I'll think I heard your voice
Or something you would say.

Remembering the way you made me feel
From just a simple touch of your hand
Remembering the look in your eyes
Only you could understand.

What made me leave you?
Why was I so blind?
To think I didn't need you
Was I just a foolish child?
I thought I knew it all.
But now it's plain and clear.
You're special, like no other.
Your lovin's on my mind,
I've got my mind on you, again, dear.

I fight the urge to call you
I know it's only pride.
I see you in my dreams at night,
But when I wake,
You're out of sight.

This longing drives me crazy.
Darling, if you only knew
You were my rock, my strength, my joy
I'm always missing you

I've got you on my mind,
I've got my mind on you, again, dear.
Your lovin's on my mind.
Your always on my mind.
Your lovin's on my mind.
I've got my mind on you, again...
(vocal scat with instruments)

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