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  • Chantilly Waryck

Lyrics English

a.m. goddess
I rule the night
Sun comes up, coffee in hand
This is right

I think with my mind closed sometimes
I'm wide awake but the
Sun don't shine

I think you're something special
But it won't play
Tear your pretty eyes away from me
Walk the other way

Meanwhile I'll just sit and
Stare at you
If you only
Knew the truth
I try to act casual
Try to be cool
It's perfectly normal to feel this way, they say

What did I think,
You'd leave her for me?
I'm a delusion
I'm diluted
And I cant see

Caught your light
Put it in a jar
So it could keep me warm
You know, I've made progress
I'm through the storm

In my lifetime
I've been so low
That pain doesn't hurt me
And that's where I'm at
As a matter of fact
And that is that
So just take your crap
Don't talk to me


Windows are rattling now
The wind is angry
What does it take to be worth it to you?
Guess I'm not worth it to me
I'm scared of being alone
Even though that's how I spend most of my days
I just want you to know
I see you
I see you... oh...

If your body was an instrument I'd play it
Beautiful, complicated

I'd jump in bed all in haste
Just to dream of how you taste
It's written all over my face
I'm a smug little kitten and you're a waste
Of my time

... I can't see
But I can see you

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