Not My Own


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  • Gabriel Berezin, Kevin Plessner

Lyrics English

I'm burned but I haven't the time to cry
I learned
I'm fine, I don't need to breathe to know I'm alive
I don't buy, that you have to give into this body's commands
I won't dance
I despise my own thoughts, they're not mine
They're not mine

I'm not my own...

My fantasies, they haunt and they swirl, they come down on my world
My world
They drown in the waters and tides rolling in, they wash out
They climb in
Relief that I'll never feel sad or remorse on my course
Of course
I'm not here, and there's no other story to fear I'm all ears
I'm all ears

I'm not my own...

And you can't catch me...
You can't catch me...

You won't...

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