Springtime Travels


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  • Chantilly Waryck

Lyrics English

I wake up in the early morn'
Gotta start that engine
Gotta make it turn over
Cuz I'm up and out
Ain't nothin' gonna stop me
Nothin's gonna stand in my way
Nothin's gonna hurt today
No, nothing
Is gonna bring me down

It's a long way home
And I feel so alone
Traveling all along this highway
I'm going home

I've been gone so very long
I don't know up from down
Right from wrong
And that's a fact
Cuz I'm weary from all this traveling
And I just gotta sing
Gotta get my spirit back


Don't think about tomorrow
Reside in this day
In this beautiful morning
Where the grass is green
And the birds all sing
And everything's okay

Now that I'm on my way
I intend to stay all my days
Still, I know
I got work to do
I got work to do
I got work to do
It's not a free ride at all

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