Martin Sebastian Holm

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  • Martin Sebastian Holm

Lyrics English

I've failed my superiors
i've done it before
but this time I bit my own tail
there's no turning back now
I'll go down for sure
this time they'll put me in jail

when I'm old and grey as well
they'll open the door to my prison cell
they'll tell me to run
and a free man I'll be
and so I'll have paid
for the mistakes I made
back when I was twenty-three

I was careless with tasks
that were given to me
I've no one to blame but myself
I'm sure I'll be shot down
or hung from a tree
or just put away on a shelf

when Im old...

Don't know why I don't take
the chances I get
to put a quick end to this strife
I took it too far
and for that I'm in debt
and this time I'll pay with my life

when I'm old...

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