It's Already Done

Thomas Wold

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  • Thomas Christenson

Lyrics English

Fancy seeing you here since you went missing

Some time late last year

You passed on a "goodbye"

It's a cumbersome statement

But your mouth could've tried for "so long"

Funny how things go they usually catch up

Without letting you know

Cause this here world's too small

Your tracks are uncovered that you believed

Were safe to leave in the fall

And here you stand

With the sun in your eyes

You can't see me

Let alone reply

Cause it's already done

It's tempting to return

Stand in the back row and watch it all burn

The embers in the night sky

Charred bits of letters that float around

Just like satellites

You're lucky you're alive

Death before justice ain't no way to die

A second chance for you

Means that the ending is vaguely something

That you can choose

And here you stand

On shaky ground

Lying at your feet

Is a sleeping bloodhound

Cause it's already done

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