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  • Aaron Bruce English

Lyrics English

through the tall pines and trellis vines to this room where our love lay entwined oh Mandeleine for you all the stars have come down downf rom the fire-flung heavens high to our house on this spin drifted lane came down down
Mandeleine Mandeleine Mandeleine Mandeleine so fair and so still you lay to your dark hair the stars came to play fleeing the cold night above now you sleep unaware in the lee of their light love
Mandeleine Mandeleine your glory outshines the moon who now hangs jealous marooned in her empty skyand she rages the dark
without a sound the moon came for you in your evening gown now I drift and drown'til the dusk when your lights come down then you breathe the wreath of sky then all the world dreams beneath your eyes love I bloom in your boundless embrace and wither here when you leave me to face the mounting dawn alone

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