Brighter Day

Circus Mind

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  • Mark Rechler

Lyrics English

Pass the tourniquet right here,

Must stop this bleeding if you want me to stay.

Here Comes Buddha w/ Rebel X,

And he's ranting so get out of the way.

We've been waiting 6 months now,

And it's dryer than the desert in June.

Built a Mid-night Masterpiece,

But it's useless if we can't find the moon.

And it's a Long Road, And they make you pay.

Waiting for a Brighter Day.
Here Comes Ace and he's all dressed up,

He is a Hip-hop Hipster in Silk.

Trades his Bitch for some Latin Witch,

And he orders her Tequila and Milk.

Head For Fun down Napoleon,

Take advantage of the folks on the street

Got the Dare to Cop the Fare,

I would do it but I can't take the Heat.

And it's a Rough Road, and it's Miles away.

Waiting for a Brighter Day.
I know it won't kill me, At Least I don't think it will.

And the Kids are growing up so fast,

And I don't think this is gonna last,

And we've been working so damn hard on this, that we forgot it's play.

Where is Angel, He's been gone all night.

And the phones have not been working for days.

I'd be okay if they'd shut that light,

And stop this headache that I've had since last May.
That's when things just took that swing,

Soon as the package was already to go.

Cause Timing is Just Everything,

When you're a time bomb and you're ready to blow.
And it's a Tough Road, but it will be okay.

Waiting for the brighter day.

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