Texas Roadtrip Breakdown

Thomas Wold

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  • Thomas Christenson

Lyrics English

I was on my way to Texas with the bald headed Irishman

We tried to reconfigure the stars

In my bicentennial pickup with bricks painted on the side

We drove through Oklahoma under the radar

That is where I found my own Jesus

Or at least someone who looked like him

With a wheel on his cross he was pushin' our sins

Down the pipeline of I-35 past the flames of ol' Waco

Ah David your death was mishandled like many times before

Ah! Oh believe me now cause that was such a long time ago

We woke buried in our fortunes and arose with the good citizens

Who were off to work or crawlin' back home

All the architects and the filmmakers and aspiring Senatorial hopes

All seemed to waltz right off the pages of my book

But we found ourselves on the fringes where the muffler up and bit the dust

And it was there that I saw my first armadillo

Ah! Oh believe me now cause that was such a long time ago

We saw sort of famous people as they watched the buffalo roam

And in the palm of my hand for you, you know I wrote down this poem

But the words they all bled together like some ancient Asian script

And it was gone in an instant as I lost my grip

So we packed her up and hit the road and we headed towards the old North Pole

All hail the mystery of this rock 'n roll

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