Spy Boy

Circus Mind

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  • Mark Rechler

Lyrics English

I should have known I was being followed'

When I saw that shadow in the tree.

The stuff you said was hard to swallow,

But not as hard as that mushroom tea.

The days were strange, long and twisted.

And the time you could not conceive.

till I saw that I lost the power,

to escape this land of make believe.

Dance of death turns to a carnival of waste

Looked in the mirror and I could not find my face

A thousand animals all locked up in a zoo,

If I could find myself I'd know just what to do.

SPY BOY jump into the river

HIGH BOY bound for my forgiver SPY BOY

Praying mantis fishing in Atlantis

It's hard to breathe on such a crowded moon

The Stars are screaming and I pray I am only dreaming

Must crawl away where I can find some room.

My body's sinking and I can not stop this thinking

I must accept it or I'll face my doom.

The world is spinning, this is only the beginning

So shut my eyes it will be over soon.

Lightning in his fingers, he's got fire in his face

Exploding skeleton exploding into space

Completely faded with a glow left in its place

The Smallest particle just lost the human race.

SPY BOY jump into the river

HIGH BOY bound for my forgiver SPY BOY

Went for a ride , crossing to the other side

Wondering if I ever would return

Chaos brew, don't know anyone I knew

run to the levy, watch the river burn

Don't get me wrong, cause there were parts not in the song

Where all were colors and textures I enjoyed

But it's the darkness that burns me like a sharpness

And shows itself whenever I see the dawn.

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