Thomas Wold

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  • Thomas Christenson

Lyrics English

I love the smell of creosote

She reaches up and she grabs my throat

Brings me back to my Chicago years

Drinking whiskey drinking beer

We would eat the cruellest of food

Greasy spoon with the greasy attitude

And the smoke would rise and curl

In the hog butcher to the world

And you went overseas while I stayed on

And when you returned you discovered

That I was gone

We use to meet at the Charleston

Talk about all things and nothing

What about that time at the Rainbow Room?

With Mike Watt and Kira too

You used to live in such a run down joint

We'd scare the rats but what was the point?

We'd go to openings where I wouldn't know a soul

In old factories still burnin' coal

And I went overseas while you stayed on

And when I returned I discovered

That you were gone

Now it seems like a world away

Sears Tower Lake Michigan waves

But somewhere in the heart of that town

You'll find us in the lost and found

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