Short Days

Brave Chandeliers

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  • Nicholas M. M. Drum

Lyrics English

I am watching, my friends fall in love. They are perfect each of them
And I am not as tough as I thought I was. Not as bold as I pretend

For in these days, my life can seem so hard
Everyone is gone ahead and I cannot keep up.
I'm looking for the short days to come around the bend
Where I will laugh, and heal again

And yes my sleepy eyes as summer lays to rest, and oh the feelings with it came
Are gathered up like driftwood tossed upon the sand, that winter soon will wash away
And when the wind blows let them carry me beyond this place

And oh the fury of love, that I am longing to unleash (and I am so in need)
But it requires that, perfect time and moment, requires the only one I seek
Oh when will that song of love shine its light on me

Final chorus
For in these days, my hands have gotten tired
See everyone is running off I am clinging to this wire
Looking for the short days to come around the bend, where I will laugh, and I will mend
The short days around the bend, God let them come to me again

Outro: Oh come short days

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