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  • Nicholas M. M. Drum

Lyrics English

I can tell what you've been thinking:
"That's the way that life goes"
It always happens so fast, you have no time to relax
Its been all that you've known

And you've been working so hard
Trying to get ahead, babe
But now the racetrack is endless and only the reckless
Would run at that pace

Everybody's running, following the schedule,
Living like they're mad men
I have been there before, I remember that pace and I don't want it again
For I can read the headlines I know all the hard times,
I'd rather take a slow night
Where you and me can get out of here, out from under the fear,
And follow our lives

Verse 2
So put away the camera,
The world don't need to see this
And you are always far too hell bent trying to document
Your life for their eyes

Babe, where has it gotten you?
Oh its nothing you can hold onto
And all the memories on your page,
Tell me when did they satisfy
The call of our lives

It may seem that those
who run much faster than the rest of us are head of the class
They can only react Searching desperately for what they lack
They can't find all the love we have

Final Chours
I know everybody's running, following the schedule,
living like they're mad mad men
Such a tragic device, it is how they retreat, it is where they have lived
I respectfully decline that frantic way of life,
girl, we should take a slow night
There's no need for the haste,
no need for that, reckless waste of life
Come away from the sorrow, away from the noise,
To a slow slow night.

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