One Year From Now

Brave Chandeliers

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  • Jon McNeill, Nicholas M. M. Drum

Lyrics English

Another year's gone by I'm ready, to finally turn the page
Say goodbye to who I was last night
Reinvent my ways
Cuz I hear my thoughts ring out so clearly when I lay down to sleep
As one by one they drag me across my ceiling, until I concede
That I've been spending my life chasing all that is wasting away

Can I say, I wish we weren't so rich,
cause then we'd have much less to lose I say
I wish all of good were simple and singular
that we would have but one thing there to choose
But no, that's not how it goes
And the fire of indiscretion burns forever in my mind and I this I vow
I'll be a better person one year from now

So what are we but those days we've lived, days I've spent with you
I'm ashamed to have so much more to give, and if you want the truth
I've been holding my cards close to vest in fear of what you do

Bridge build
One year from now, One year from now, if only, if only, one year, for me,
This year from now
Is it too late cannot you wait cannot you wait you wait and see
If only now
Is it too late cannot you wait cannot you wait you wait and see

I wish I were perfect, I would give you all that you deserve I say
I wish you could wait
'till my mind illuminates and I could show you all that I have learned
But No, NO
How the fire of indecision burns forever in your mind, well I
This I vow, I'll be a better person, one year from now.

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