Ladder (Bonus)

Brave Chandeliers

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  • Nicholas M. M. Drum

Lyrics English

I laid my head on stony ground
That I might rest my weary heart
I dreamt I saw a shimmering ladder
Stretched from the sky among the stars.
And it ascended into heaven
It descended into the night

Oh yes I dreamt with the angels
And I have my ladder to climb.

My father blessed me in his frailty
My brother cursed my wicked tongue
So I wandered as a stranger
In the foreign lands to which I'd come.
But I found solace in a woman
We held each other all through the night

Oh yes I slept with an angel
And I have my ladder to climb.

I met a man out in the darkness
We struggled hard the whole night through
And I sought a name that could replenish
The broken life from which I grew.
And when morning came he prayed for mercy
But I would not leave him and he touched my side

Oh that night I fought with an angel
And I have my ladder to climb.

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