Sooth Your Soul

Brave Chandeliers

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  • Nicholas M. M. Drum

Lyrics English

Come on in, I know how its been, swimming in the turbulent tide
And let me guess, the weeks of regrets are massing behind your eyes
So insecure, this fragile heart, broken and spilling out
Needing warmth to quench your doubt

All that I have, take all you need tonight. All that I am everything I call mine
I've gathered treasures like shells from the shore
My body's tired of searching for more
But I will gladly offer up, if it soothes your soul

Every wound has a cure it wants, and everything a purpose behind
I can't cure your aching need, I can't cure your troubled mind
But for tonight, let there be Light to shine upon your face
And point your bow to the Morning Grace

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