Dangerous Destination


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  • Sharif El Mahdi

Lyrics English


Baby I'm restless with my head in a trance
I'm a victim, and you're the circumstance
The shape of your body is etched in my brain
And every curve is driving me insane
Sleep is a dream when I've got you on my mind

I'm wandering around like a vagabond
I can't take it anymore
All I want is to run back to your door
But it's a Dangerous Destination

When you're beside me you're easy to please
But I wonder where you're going when you leave
You bury my passion in a blanket of questions

You're calling me like a siren
It's a song I can't resist
All I want is to dive into your bed
But it's a Dangerous Destination
A Dangerous Destination

I'll never know quite how you feel
You always run when things get real
Leaving me wondering what it is you need

I'm walking a high wire
Between pleasure and pain
And either way I fall it feels the same
It's a chaos that I just can't live without

You poison me with your medicine
I can't help but ask for more
I'll always be your fool but I'll always know
Yea I know
You're a Dangerous Destination
A Dangerous Destination

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