Waterfowl Fairytale

KP Devlin

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  • KP Devlin

Lyrics English

Once upon a time there was a lovely little goose
She had a pretty neck and one heck of a caboose
She flew in the Midwestern skies and paddled in the streams
And came of age surrounded by a pack of wolverines

Meanwhile in another part of this great land of ours
There was a dapper duck who played a black and white guitar
He was noble like a lion though some said he was a rake
But when it came down to it he was just a lonely drake

And in the twilight shimmer as the darkness would descend
He'd strum and sing these words into the gentle evening wind

Chorus: I want a lovey to love so dearly
I want to hold her nearly
I can see her in my mind so clearly
But now I'll have another beer-ly

The years passed by and our fine goose flew out to the east coast
She settled down in the fine town the duck did love the most
The duck had spent his younger years, wandering to and fro
But for the last few decades it was here his roots would grow

So one day the duck went for a waddle by the lake
As he looked out at the water he had to do a double take
He saw a golden goose who was so stunning to his eyes
He wondered if the heavens meant to send him such a prize

And as he paddled out to her, he signaled with a quack
And when she saw him coming close, she gave a honk right back

Chorus 2: Pardon me, Miss Goosey, may I have a minute?
I believe my world, it needs you in it
Through lakes and life together we'll swim it
We'll stay together through thick and thin-it

And so it was, they paddled all around
Filled with joy from the new love that they'd found
It was a match of the highest caliber, and they knew it too
Everything he did, he did it just for her, oh how high they flew

Chorus 3: Oh my Goosey let's fly together
Through fair, foul, all kinds of weather
Oh my Goosey, we're birds of a feather
And birds were not meant to be tethered

Chorus 4: Oh my Goosey, I love you dearly
I want to hold you nearly
You little Goosey should have no fear-ly
I'll always be right here-ly

And they lived happily ever after

The End

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