Follow the Leader


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  • Benjamin Rivet

Lyrics English

Let your hesitation go
Right outside the window
Say goodbye to regret
You're never gonna forget today
I'll lead the way
You follow, you go, I go
We gonna be there by this time tomorrow
Don't hold back
You need this attack
I'm doing this for your own good.

I put the pedal to the floor
Til it can't go anymore
Hold the wheel so tight
That your hands get sore
I want more of what I got
Do you want this or not
We ain't gonna stop til I get to the top
I go this ??? in need of some saving
Raise your hand like I know you could

Follow the leader
That's the only way
Follow the Leader
It's time to play,

Well we're not done yet
Don't cash in all your bets
We just getting going
Motivation growing
And the ball is rolling
Grab your stuff
Come on lets go
It's time for the show
You get ready
The burden is heavy
Gotta carry it like I know you could

I will not play this game
I will not say my name
I will not drown in shame

Follow The Leader
It's time to play
Follow The Leader
It's the only way

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