Let It Out

Matt Harvey

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  • Matt Harvey

Lyrics English

I bet that there's nobody else like you
No-one could ever be that way
I get a kick from all the things you do
Thinkin of them helps me pass the day

I know ya feel it but I wanna hear it's true

So let your love flow out
I wanna know that there's no doubt
Will you say it now
Or my heart might just break out
Just let it out (out out out)
Let it out (out out out)

When I'm feeling low you're what I need
And I know you need me too
But those three words anyone can speak
I think that they mean more to me than you

Will you say say say it
Cos I know know know you do


Just let it out
breathe deep and shout
It feels so good and if it's real you should
You're free to say that you feel this way
It'll all just flow
if you just let it go


TG~ no. Good songwriting, but the production isn't good enough. compression much? And the mixing needs some work.
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