Your Love Has Got It All

Matt Harvey

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  • Matt Harvey

Lyrics English

Gotta see you one more time
So I look over flash a smile
To cover up
My real state of mind

Once again I'm stuck like glue
Go wherever you will do
Then you see
The light behind my eyes

So I guess my time is up
As I speak I feel a blush

I've been trying not to fall
But your love has got it all
Now I'll beg and smile and fall
For your love has got it all

Said it now my chest feels tight
And I can't look you in the eye
Feeling like
I wanna run and hide

Now my heart and stomach churn
But I've only one concern
All I want
To Make you feel alive

Have I said too much
Well I might never say enough


Loves got it all all all
Loves got it all all all
Loves got it all all all
Loves got it all


TG~ Production is unacceptable. Too much compression and autotune.
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