Primitive Suffering


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  • Dean Dunakin

Lyrics English

like a good friend passing on: tight as one, suddenly gone
like a selfish petty one: prattling on, prattling on
like a rusty nail on a jack and coke, and another three rounds on me
then the pain behind your eyes: too much light, going blind

like the pressure on that job: boss you hate, don't be late
like the traffic flow downtown: slow and tough, cut you off
like you worked all day, all the power goes out, and you realize you didn't save
then the voice inside your head: out of time, you're so dead

like a psychostimulant: crawling touch, don't take much
like forgetting where you went: was it fun, or just dumb?
like tryin' too hard while gettin' it on, then you can't get it off at all
or you're shot down by that 10 who loves you -- just like a friend

your primitive suffering

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